Private Events

Private events are in order when you don’t want huge crowds open to the public. Sometimes you need a coded soirée for just a select few. When you want to host a low-key affair, we can help you create that ambiance and vibe that will be a perfect match to the occasion. Venue searching and locking down, entertainment arrangements with live bands or DJs, catering for any kind of food you want and more. We’ve got you covered when it comes to event planning. Keep out those pesky party crashers just looking for freebies. And make sure that only the right people get access to your space. No hard feelings, but these private events are just for your very important people. And we leave that decision to you. Our job is just to enforce the rules you set, nothing more and nothing less.

That Outstanding Sports Event


As a sports promoter, FEARS PROMOTIONS offers full-service sports & entertainment marketing to meet the diverse needs of dynamic brands and businesses in the Delaware tri-state area.

We help our clients key into their target audience with engaging marketing strategies at all levels of the distribution channel. Our goal is to give you the best return on your investment dollars spent on your sporting event and sports promotions.

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